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  1. heart_and_soul

    Thomaston-Upson Community Heart & Soul

    Community Heart & Soul is a short term locally drive initiative designed to involve everyone, identify what matters most and to help Thomaston-Upson pay and win the long game for a successful tomorrow. Additional Info...
  2. 2019/2020 Upson County "Embrace Excellence Initiatives"

    In 2018 Upson County Updated its Comprehensive Plan to meet the Goals of a Growing Community. Read on...
  3. 18193711_457549241262669_8937424401611258767_n

    Sprewell Bluff Park

    If you have not visited Sprewell Bluff Park lately then you are missing a treat. Read More
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    Report an Issue

    Our Request Tracker allows us to communicate with you. Read More
  5. A child playing with water coming out of a hose

    My GovHub is Here!

    The Upson County Commissioners would like to introduce MyGovHub, a quick and easy way to pay your county utility bills. Read More