The Coroner’s office is to determine the cause and manner of certain deaths that occur in the county. A death that is unattended by a physician will be investigated by the Coroner’s office. Some cases but not all will require an autopsy. Some cases that will be reported to the Coroner’s office include deaths that are a result of:

  • After birth but before 7 years of age if the death is unexpected or unexplained
  • Death that occurs in any suspicious or unusual manner
  • A person that has been admitted to a hospital in an unconscious state without regaining consciousness within twenty-four hours of admission.
  • Someone in apparent good health that dies suddenly
  • Violence, suicide or casualty

No person shall be deemed to have died unattended when the death occurred while the person was a patient of a licensed hospice.

Cause of Death

The Coroner’s office works with the local law enforcement, decedent’s physician and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab to determine the correct cause and manner of death. This will be done in a timely manner but is limited to the return of test results.

Coroner’s Office Vision

To lawfully provide professional service to the Citizens of Upson County in a compassionate and understanding manner.